• SOSU Lashes Coming Soon!!!

    Posted on by Sam Gibbons


    Hey guys, How is everyone's Summer going so far?!

    It's been a busy busy one for me as always working on new products and everything that goes along with it. But it's all good because it means my next project is ON THE WAY!!

    I know that my lash line is something I've been telling you guys about for some time now, but unfortunately when bringing these products to you some things fall through or don't work out exactly how we want them and this is a product I wanted to be PERFECT!!

    However, You may have seen my announcement on Instagram a while back where I was finally able to tell you that - Yes, SOSU LASHES are finally ready for the market and on the way, launching this Summer!!!!

    After months of trialling, wearing them myself, changing and re-wearing them again I finally have the styles I wanted and that I know you will LOVE too!!

    In my lash range I wanted both quality and luxury as well as value for money so I have produced both a human hair lash range and a luxury silk lash range, this way I feel I can cater to everybody.


    So, let me talk you through both ranges:

    For those of you who like a quick lash look I have my human hair lashes which consist of 8 styles to choose from for €5.95. These are ideal for anyone who likes a simple, quick look, maybe you don't wear lashes too often or maybe you don't like to be too over the top. There are several lengths and shapes to choose from meaning there is definitely a style there for everyone. Ideal for popping on for a girls night out or even a glam day look.


                                       SOSU Human Hair lashes (Style: Katie)

    For those of you who like a fluffier 'Kardashian' style lash look you are going to fall in love with our luxury silk lash range. These lashes are made from the highest quality fibres and are my own personal favourite. There will be 5 styles in this range and they will retail at €19.95, but are reusable up to 20 times, amazing!!!


                                       SOSU Luxury Silk Lashes (Style: Sue)

    Our fab SOSU lashes will be launching in pharmacies nationwide and here on in the next month or so and I hope you will love them as much as I do!!



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  • My NEXT Product!!!

    Posted on by Damian Jackson


    Hey guys! Hope you're all having a good week? It has been a crazy but exciting one for me as I launched my second product for pre-sale and it sold out in 12 hours. MENTAL. I simply can't believe it.

    So for those of you who missed my video announcement on Monday evening, I thought I would write a blog post filling you all in on the details.

    I have been talking about this product over the past few months - and trust me when I say I really wanted to tell you guys long before now - but I genuinely couldn't say a word until now.

    I’ve been burned before by talking too soon about a product (my lash line two years ago) that I thought was near completion only for it to completely fall through so ever since then, I’ve been wary of getting anyone’s hopes up about a product or project until I know it is 100% definite.

    I had originally intended to release my new product before Christmas but being a total perfectionist, I really wanted this product to be absolutely perfect so a few changes were required which in turn delayed production slightly.

    That’s why it didn’t come out prior to Christmas as we had all hoped for, but thankfully it's here now and it's PERFECT!

    As I have said before in my workshops and seminars, people are often surprised to hear that beauty is my passion, more so than style. Those of you who have read my books will know I trained and worked in the beauty industry, so it’s always been a dream of mine to develop a line of beauty products.

    Last April, I launched the SOSU nail polish range and the phenomenal response to the products gave me a real fire in my belly not to mention the confidence to launch ahead with something makeup-related.

    I knew what my first makeup product was going to be so I got straight to work and now, nearly a year on, it’s finally ready to be unveiled (as you can imagine, my nerves are nearly gone!)

    So what is it?

    When people think of SoSueMe and makeup, I think the first thing that springs to mind is………CONTOURING!

    I love contouring and the looks it can create. It’s a technique I employ daily whether it be with powder or concealer. No doubt most of you will remember this contouring video I recorded nearly 3 years ago after I first came across the Crownbrush UK brand.

    As such, I’m delighted to announce that my new product is the Complete Contour Palette!

    Contour Preorder New

    You’re probably wondering why I called it the Complete Contour Palette?

    Well in my opinion, there’s nothing like it on the market.

    I feel my palette is a little bit different from the rest because it not only contains cream concealers for your night time look, but also contouring powders for the day time looks, and a highlighting concealer for strobing. There’s a pressed banana type powder for highlighting which is one of Kim Kardashian’s favourite type of products, and also a beautiful matte bronzer that warms up the face beautifully.

    As you can see, we’re ticking all the boxes from day looks to night looks to that highlighted strobing effect, and that’s precisely what makes this palette different to the rest on the market.

    I have spent months and month’s trialling different qualities of concealers and powders and I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that these are definitely some of the best. They are creamy and easy to blend and don’t look cakey or over-the-top on the skin.

    The packaging was also something I spent quite some time working on. I wanted it to be simple, but eye-catching and containing some step-by-step application guidelines.

    Over the past few months, quite a lot of you were asking me about my foundations. Well these foundations, (particularly Make Up For Ever), are still my favourites but what I couldn’t tell you at the time was that 80% of my face was actually my own concealers from my SOSU Complete Palette! I have been mainly using my own concealers for the past number of months and the coverage is amazing!

    SOSU Contour Facebook

    The palette sold out on pre-sale Monday night but for those of you who missed out, it will be in pharmacies and stores nationwide from mid-late February onwards. I will also have it back in stock on my online store from mid February and right now we are taking email addresses for those of you who wish to be notified when it is back in stock. See here.

    The palette will retail at a price point of €29.95, which in my opinion is an amazing price point as you are getting a complete contour kit of high-quality cream concealers, powders, and highlighters all in the one kit.

    There you have it guys, all the details about my new product! Massive THANK you to everyone for their kind words and an even bigger THANK you to those of you who purchased it already - it really makes me so happy that I have so much support. It makes everything worth while.

    I really hope you love it as much as I do and I can't wait to see all the different looks you create with it!  


    Lot's of love,

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  • Our First SALE!!!

    Posted on by Suzanne Jackson


    Hi guys!

    Great news! We are holding our first ever sale blitz here on!

    As you guys know, my new Spring/Summer collection will be going on sale in the next 2 weeks or so (I'll keep you posted on the date!).

    So, to clear space for the new stock, we over on have decided to *reduce the A/W colours to just €5 as of from today, February 1st!

    Some of the colours from my very first collection are being discontinued and most of my A/W 15 colours are being reduced -  so if you're a fan of shades such as Nude Freak, Death By Chocolate and Midnight Wish, then now is your last chance to snap them up here on (look for the SALE tab)

    In total, my new S/S collection will have 17 colours as well as a base coat, top coat and the hugely popular matte top coat.

    Of the 17, 8 of these will be brand new to the range and will consist of x4 pastels and x4 neons/brights.


    I will be revealing the full list of shades and their individual names very soon, but I want to say a BIG thank you to SOSU fan Sara Delaney for her winning name suggestion for the purple shade - Grape Gastsby. I love it!

    I am really excited for you guys to see the new shades! My pastel lemon shade with the high cover créme finish - Bitter Sweet - has already had HUGE interest after I wore it in the announcement video for my contour palette.


    For those of you asking about when the contour palette will be available for purchase, I hope to have it in stock on within the next 2 weeks. It should be in pharmacies by mid-Feb. (All your questions about the palette can be answered here)

    As promised, those of you who pre-ordered the palette will be receiving it ahead of everyone else and we're hoping to have those orders shipped out this week!

    download (5)

    Don't forget, if you want to be among the first to be notified of when the palette is back in stock, just email with your name and location! Don't forget to write 'Restock Email' in the subject line.

    P.s. Don't forget to tag #SOSUBySJ in your pics! 

    Sue xx

    NB: *The reduced price of €5 is only happening here on to make room for my S/S 16 bulk. Other outlets/pharmacies and store prices may vary.

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  • How To Create: Polka Dot Nails

    Posted on by Suzanne Jackson

    Polka dot nails are actually surprisingly easy to create. You just need a steady hand, and a lot of time and patience!

    You don't need a nail pen to get this look; in fact you can use a toothpick or the rounded edge of a kirby grip.

    All you have to do is:

    Paint your nails with a thin layer of the SOSU base coat. This will fill in any ridges your nails may have and create a smooth canvas for you to work on. 

    Once the base coat has fully dried, paint on a thin layer of colour. Always apply a thin layer and ensure it dries before you apply the next coat. This is the golden rule when it comes to achieving the perfect long-lasting manicure.    

    Next, dip the toothpick into the colour you want for your polka dots and gently dot it on to the nail. With practice, you'll pick up speed. If you would prefer something with a better grip, then another option would be to use a pencil with a flat-head needle stuck into the pencil eraser. This is a very popular way to create the polka dots.   

    Once the dots have dried, paint the nails with a thin layer of the SOSU top coat.

    Remember, you don't have to paint polka dots on every nail. You can always paint polka dots on just one nail and leave the rest of the nails in the plain colour. Of course if you want to mix it up a little, then a really popular style of nail art is to paint polka dots on one or two nails, followed by a stripe on another nail, a chevron design on another, and so on.    

    Two fab SOSU polka dot combinations would include:

    Belle & She Means Business

    Hocus Pocus (exclusive to Penneys) & Heavens Stairway 

    Picture credits: Pinterest

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  • The Top 6 SOSU Shades To Wear This Christmas!

    Posted on by Suzanne Jackson

    So as most of already know, the SOSU Auntum/Winter collection also includes a limited edition Christmas set consisting of 3 shades - Rudolph's Mistress, Poison Apple, and Silver Lining.

    Rudolf's Mistress is a deep red glitter and even though it’s out especially for Christmas, the product has more pigment than glitter so really you could wear this at any time of year. It also looks fab when worn over the shade First Date. 

    Poison Apple is a green shimmery shade but again, it’s more pigment than shimmer. This is one of my all-time favourite SOSU shades and there's no doubt about it, I’m going to be wearing this over Christmas!

    The third colour in the collection is a beautiful metallic silver shade called Silver Lining and I really think this one will be the winter hit of the collection because it's perfect for those Christmas & New Years parties.

    Even though the above 3 were developed especially for Christmas, there's 3 other shades in the collection that would also definitely work for the festive season.

    Good As Gold

    Christmas is the perfect time to wear gold and as you can see from the picture, Good As Gold is definitely a good option to go for if you want a Christmassy colour that's still stylish but yet subtle. 

    Dream Big

    Dream Big is a fab rose gold shade that would look good at any time of year. If you don't want to go for the stereotypical festive colours, then this is a very pretty alternative.

    It's such a nice girly shade, and the rose gold tone that runs through it also gives it that fab metallic appearance too! 

    All That Glitters

    'All That Glitters' is definitely the loud sparkly sister of 'Good as Gold.'

    Where 'Good as Gold' is quite understated in a way, 'All That Glitters' has much more bling in its pigment, so you get that beautiful golden sparkle.


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