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    The Cream Sticks Collection
    After a sensational pre-sale sell out, The #SOSUSKIN Cream Stick Collection is finally back in stock! Hitting pharmacies nationwide and from Thursday 29th March, this blog post is all about that base….


    Consisting of five highly pigmented, full coverage cream sticks designed for concealing, contouring and highlighting the collection is completely cruelty free and each stick is enriched with Vitamin E for a super creamy consistency!
    Conceal: Perfect for creating light on the face, can also be used as a base! 
    Warm: A gorgeously golden olive contour, ideal for warmer skin tones.
    Cool: Perfect for paler skin tones, this contour skin has a pink undertone.
    Dark: A deep and intense contour stick, perfect for darker skins.
    Glow: a champagne hued highlighting stick for a gorgeously dewy glow!
    The Cream Stick Collection from SOSUbySJ     Suzanne Jackson and Carla Jackson shoot together for SOSUbySJ Cream Stick Collection



    1. Choose your contour

    Depending on your skin tone, choose a shade that best suits you.

    Apply just under the cheeks to chisel the cheekbones. Use brush SF102 to buff out.

    Apply in light strokes on each side of the nose, using the tip of your Pro Blender to blend

    Blend into your temples and along the hairline for an overall bronzed glow!


    Carla Jackson Contouring how to


     2. Let there be light! 

    Apply the conceal stick, direct to skin, in a triangular shape underneath the eyes

    Swipe down the centre of the nose fanning up into the centre of the forehead

    Dab onto the centre of the chin

    Use brush SF102 to blend everything out


    3. Glow baby glow 

    Dot the Glow stick directly onto the high points of your face

    Focus on the cupids bow, the top of the cheekbones and the point of the nose

    Use your Pro Blender to gently buff into the skin 

    And that’s it! The low down on the Cream Stick Collection! Get ready to conceal, highlight and glow like a pro…don’t forget to tag us in your looks with #sosuskin!






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