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    SOSU by SJ Valentine's Gift Guide


    Love it or loathe it, there is no escaping Valentine’s Day.

    At SOSU by SJ, we’re ALL about the self- love and see V-Day as the perfect excuse for a sneaky splurge! So, whether you’re coupled up or fabulously single, we’ve got a something for you!  And, as our Valentine’s Day gift to you, we’re offering a gorgeous 20% off on until midnight, Valentine’s day!

    It comes just once a year, a day dedicated to love, so go on…use code LOVE20 and treat YO’ self!

    SOSU by SJ Fragrance Collection. The perfect perfume for a Valentine's gift! 



    SOSU by SJ Fragrance Collection

    Meet your perfect match this Valentine’s Day with the SOSU by SJ Fragrance Collection. Made using the most beautiful of ingredients, our exquisite long-lasting scents make for a stunning and sensual experience! Consisting of three distinct scents each with their own unique character, we have an Eau de Parfum to match every mood:


    SOSU by SJ Parfum de Nuit. A dark and woody perfume with spicy topnotes. A unisex scent that makes a powerful statement. 

    Parfum de Nuit: Dark and woody with a luxurious oud base and spicy cardamom top notes, this unisex scent makes a powerful statement.

    SOSU by SJ Parfum de Jour. A fresh and zesty fragrance with uplifting top notes of lemon and orange

    Parfum de Jour: Fresh and citrusy, this uplifting scent will energise your Valentine’s day!

    SOSU by SJ Parfum d'amour. A floral and fragrance scent with top notes of rose and jasmine that exudes romance.  

    Parfum d’amour: Fragrant and floral with a hint of subtle sweetness and beautiful bursts of rose and jasmine, this scent exudes romance!

    SOSU by SJ Highlighter Kit. Award winning highlighter kit for a gorgeous glow.


    Highlighter Kit

    Get that loved up glow whatever your relationship status with our Highlighter Kit. Six buttery soft shades each with a name cuter than the next, this bad boy will ensure you’re seen from Space!! Powerfully pigmented with amazing colour pay off, get playful and mix the shades to create your own bespoke glow. For extra brownie points, give the gift of a flawless finish with our DETAIL Make Up Brush Collection!

    SOSU by SJ Luxury Lashes. 3D synthetic fibre cruelty free and reusable lashes.


    Luxury Lash collection

    Lashes speak louder than words and our Luxury Lash range, (sold in totally instagrammable Marble Boxes), shout the loudest! Made from synthetic 3D fibres available in four flirty styles, these full-bodied babies are completely cruelty free, reusable AND perfect for Valentine’s date night!

    SOSU by SJ Hot Fire Eyeshadow Palette. 12 fiery shades for the perfect smoky eye!


    Hot Fire Eye Shadow Palette

    Get hotter than hell this Valentine’s day with our 12-shadow eye palette. Out of stock for weeks, much like a dinner reservation on V-day this bad boy is in SERIOUS demand! Treat the one you love (even if it’s yourself) to the gift of endless eye looks with our Hot Fire Palette.


    Whatever your valentine’s plans, have a wonderful one!


    Love team SOSU by SJ






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