The massively successful brand, SOSUbySJ, is owned by Suzanne Jackson, one of Irelands leading bloggers.

The Dublin businesswoman was also listed on the 2016 SERMO Index as one of the top 16 most influential bloggers worldwide and has won a number of awards for her work.

Since she created her blog back in 2010, Suzanne has gone on to develop a huge online following both through her blog and associated social media on which she has over half a million followers.  

With a background in beauty therapy, Sue has long held an ambition to develop her own product line. Coupled with constant requests from readers to release her own range, Sue created SOSUbySJ in March 2015, starting off with a collection of nail polishes.

The bestselling Complete Contour Palette followed shortly afterwards and such was the demand for this product that it sold out within minutes of going on sale online. It also sold out within hours of going on sale in pharmacies nationwide with some pharmacy owners reporting of customers buying the palettes before they were even placed on the shelves.

The Kardashian’s head makeup artist Joyce Bonelli was also full of praise for the SOSU palette after meeting with Suzanne in London earlier this year and being presented with the palette in person.  

Such is the immense popularity of the SOSU brand that the release of a new product always results in headlines in all leading Irish publications.

Sue has since gone on to develop a hugely bestselling line of luxury lashes, as well as a much coveted SOSU Highlighter Kit.

The highlighter kit, whose celebrity fans include Megan McKenna, Jelena Peric (J Make up), Latecia Thomas, and Khinda Hawari, also sold out within minutes of going on sale.

The SOSU luxury lashes are stocked in pharmacies nationwide as well as on the popular retail website, Pretty Little Thing. Such was the success of the SOSU lash range that Primark also invited Sue to design an exclusive range especially for their Irish stores.

Following such huge success in the beauty sector, Sue has branched out into fashion.

SOSUbySJ Fashion sees Sue take on the role of both fashion buyer and designer. The 35 piece wardrobe staple collection consists of pieces designed by Sue herself as well as a number of pieces she handpicked from designers in Paris and London.

Wanting to offer affordable glam at the click of a button, Sue has developed a clothing range reflective of her own style and taste and has big plans to move into other fashion collections in the near future.

With big things in the pipeline for her beauty and fashion lines, 2017 is set to be an exciting year so watch this space.

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