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At Home Nails | Bundle

Salon Nails in Seconds - At Home

3 Faux Nail styles to choose from (Frenchie, Fallen Angel, Nudist)


Frenchie Bundle Includes: 

✔ Frenchie Nails 

✔ Acetone 

✔ Nail Glue 

Originally our 'Wedding Nail', the 'Frenchie' is a replica of Suzanne's nails from her magical wedding day. Medium Stiletto Shape. 


Fallen Angel Bundle Includes:

✔ Fallen Angel Nails 

✔ Acetone 

✔ Nail Glue 

High gloss, ombre effect nails. The perfect nails all year round. Medium Stiletto shape.


Nudist Bundle Includes:

✔ Nudist Nails 

✔ Acetone 

✔ Nail Glue

The. Ultimate. Nude. Our lust worthy 'Nudist' nails. 

Stiletto Shape - Instantly slenderizing on the finger, a modern almond shape is characterized by slim sides that meet with a rounded point. A tapered tip without being too pointy.



✔ Medium Length 

✔ 24 Nails, 10 Sizes 

✔ Extreme Gloss Finish 

✔ Glue, Mini nail file & manicure stick included 

✔ Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free