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At Home Nails - Fallen Angel Bundle

Are your nails in need of some TLC? Home nails have never been easier! Keep your nails looking slick & salon finished with our At Home Nail bundles.

Bundle includes:

- Fallen Angel Nails
- Brush-On Nail Glue

Fallen Angel:

Stunning high gloss, ombre effect nails. Fallen Angel are the perfect nails all year round. 

Stiletto Shape - Instantly slenderizing on the finger, a modern almond shape is characterized by slim sides that meet with a rounded point. A tapered tip without being too pointy.  

  • Medium Length
  • 24 Nails, 10 Sizes
  • Extreme Gloss Finish


Brush-on Nail Glue:

Super quick & easy to use, our nail glue comes in a brush-on applicator bottle, perfect for your handbag in a handy 7ml size. Applies like polish to give a smooth, even application. 

  • Easy Application 
  • Bonds Artificial Nails & Tips 
  • Cruelty Free