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Frenchie, Fallen Angel, Nudist & Acetone

Missing yor nail tech during quarantine? Not to fear... The ultimate nail care bundle is here! 

Bundle includes:

  • Frenchie nails
  • Fallen Angel nails
  • Nudist nails
  • Acetone



Originally our 'Wedding Nail', the 'Frenchie' is a replica of Suzanne's nails from her magical wedding day. The perfect nail for a beautiful bride. Medium Stiletto Shape


Fallen Angel

High gloss, ombre effect nails. The perfect nails all year round. Medium Stiletto shape.



The. Ultimate. Nude. Introducing our lust worthy 'Nudist' nails. 

Stiletto Shape - Instantly slenderizing on the finger, a modern almond shape is characterized by slim sides that meet with a rounded point. A tapered tip without being too pointy.  

  • Medium Length
  • 24 Nails, 10 Sizes
  • Extreme Gloss Finish
  • Glue, Mini Nail File & Manicure Stick included

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Friendly


Acetone Faux Nail Remover

Salon Nails Off In Seconds!

'Here today - Gone tomorrow!' Remove your SOSUbySJ Faux Nails in seconds with our Acetone Nail Polish Remover.