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Luxury Lashes & Divine Duo Magic Eyeliner

Offer Includes one pair of Luxury Lashes & Divine Duo Magic Eyeliner 


4 Luxury Lash Styles to Choose From (Taylor, Hailey, Vogue, Kendall)

Taylor | An exaggerated effect. 

Hailey | Extra drama & length.

Vogue | For ALL of the volume, Vogue is your go-to lash.

Kendall | A fabulous wispy & flirty finish on the eye.


Divine Duo Magic Eyeliner 

Lash Glue & Eye Liner Pen in ONE - say hello to our  Divine Duo Magic Eyeliner. This innovative 2-in-1 jet black liquid eyeliner doubles as a powerful eyelash adhesive for quick & easy lash application – with no mess and no fuss!

Designed with a fine precision tip and stay-all-day waterproof formula that won’t smudge for a flawless finish. Our Divine Duo Magic Eyeliner is a gamechanger for all makeup lovers!


✔Lash Glue & Liner in one

✔Powerful Eyelash Adhesive

✔Fine precision tip

✔No mess, lash application

✔Waterproof formula


How to Use: 

1.Before First Use, Press the tail button at the base until it clicks.

2.Shake the liner pen.

3.Allow 3 - 5 minutes for the ink to completely infiltrate the tip.


Directions For Use

1. Draw the eyeliner tip along your lash line as usual.

2. Allow 15-30 seconds for the formula to become tacky before applying lashes.

3. Re-apply eyeliner on the inner and outer corner for maximum lash hold to prevent lifting.

4. Replace the cap after use & store vertically with cap side down to prevent the tip from drying out.