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Seduction Lipstick & Lip Liner

Bundle contains:

✔Seduction Lip Liner

✔Seduction Lipstick 


Let Them Talk... Seduction Lip Liner

Add shape and volume to your lips with our Let Them Talk… Seduction Lip liner. A smooth finish formula to effortlessly define and create a fuller pout. Designed to be long lasting and buildable allowing the formula to be worn alone or paired with your favorite SOSUbySJ Seduction Lipstick for added volume and dimension.

✔Shapes & Defines 

✔No Feathering 

✔Buildable & long lasting


Let Them Talk... Seduction Lipstick  

Let Them Talk… Seduction Lipstick is rich, buildable & long lasting with a soft matte finish for the perfect pout! Seduction is a true bright red. It’s creamy application ensures lips stay hydrated and results in flawless coverage. Can be worn alone or paired with your favourite SOSUbySJ Seduction Lip Liner for added shape and volume!

Creamy upon application

✔Velvet Matte finish

Rich, buildable & long lasting colour