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Hidden Agenda Starter Bundle
- 10mm

Find Your Shade


Find Your Shade


Find Your Shade


Bundle Includes: 

✔Hidden Agenda Reill Pack (Choose your length 10mm, 12mm, 14mm)

Precision Lash Applicator 

✔Hidden Agenda Bond & Seal 

✔Hidden Agenda Lash Adhesive Remover


Hidden Agenda Refill Packs 

Our best-selling Hidden Agenda Lashes are now available in Refill Packs. 

Available in 3 different lash lengths: 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm.

Our Refill Packs are perfect if you have our Hidden Agenda Starter pack & run out of your favourite lash length. 


Precision Lash Applicator 

Apply false eyelashes like a pro with the SOSU Cosmetics Precision Lash Applicator.

This beginner-friendly applicator allows you to precisely pick up and apply false lashes directly to your lashline.

The curved tip is perfectly contoured for all eye shapes to press down and secure your lashes in place for hours of comfortable wear.


Hidden Agenda Bond & Seal 

Say goodbye to sticky lashes with our NEW Dual Ended Bond & Seal Lash Glue!   

Use the Bond on natural lashes before applying your Hidden Agenda lashes and seal to remove any sticky residue.

This 2-in-1 product is the perfect addition to any makeup bag for anyone who loves Hidden Agenda lashes!

You won’t know what you did without it!


Hidden Agenda Lash Adhesive Remover

This gentle oil based lash adhesive remover is specifically designed to remove our SOSU Hidden Agenda adhesive from the eyelashes.

With added skin conditioning ingredients to nourish & care for your eyelashes, it’s as easy to do as 1,2,3!

A mild and gentle formula, this lash adhesive remover can be used a makeup remover leaving the skin feeling and looking fresh after use!

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